RE: Big Public CU-SeeMe Showing

Mr. Delbert K. Matlock (
Sun, 7 Aug 1994 17:29:52 -0400

>From: cu-seeme-l
>To: Multiple recipients of list
>Subject: Big Public CU-SeeMe Showing
>Date: Saturday, August 06, 1994 1:13PM
>Hello CU-SeeMe-ers!
>As an Apple Systems Engineer, I've recently been asked to put together some
>Internet demonstrations for an exhibition of "Information Superhighway"
>technologies. Southern New England Telephone (SNET) is sponsoring this
>exhibition, called the I-SNET Infoway, which is being held at Westfarms
>in West Hartford, CT, from August 11th to September 30th.
>I naturally thought of CU-SeeMe as a prime example of today's technology on
>our existing information superhighway, the Internet. I would like to ask
>operators of the "public" reflectors for permission to hang out for periods
>a couple of hours at a time during the expo (Mon.-Sat. 10-9, Sun. 11-6, now
>through Sept. 30). I plan to send audio rather infrequently (only when the
>exhibit is attended by a staffer, and maybe not even then). In return for
>cooperation you'll be treated to real-time views of ordinary shoppers
>their Mrs. Fields cookies and clutching bags from JC Penney's and The Gap.

How about setting up some reflector sites with receive only status for those
would like to see what's going on without clogging up the Internet with our