Re: Can I use CuSEEME with Netcom Netcruiser client

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Mon, 8 Aug 1994 12:34:05 -0400

At 22:28 8/5/94 -0400, Reed Sturtevant wrote:

>I've used Netcruiser and looked into this. No, you can't use CUSeeMe with
>that service. I say *service* because the Netcom Netcruiser accounts only work
>with the Netcruiser client. Netcruiser apparently uses CSLIP internally, but
>it does not present a Winsock interface to other programs. For instance,
>Netcruiser has a built-in Web browser (w/o forms support) but you can't use
>the service to run Mosaic.

If it is true that Windows Netcruiser doesn't present a Winsock interface
to other apps, you _may_ want to put this at the top of the Critical Bugs
list for the next release. Rationale: as netcruisers learn more about the
net, they'll see lots of apps that look available to them, only to have
them fail, necessitating a call/message to

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