Re: Speed

Tim Dorcey (
Tue, 9 Aug 1994 10:49:39 -0400

>I just recently hooked up a Mitsubishi camera and Video Spigot card to a Mac
>had a PC directly connect to the Mac using CUSEEME. We have a 10baseT
>network and only achieved speeds of 2-3fps when there was any movement in
>of the camera. Are these speeds typical? Do I need to reconfigure anything?
>Our network is not that slow.

Most likely, you need to set the kbpsec rate cap higher. This is the
number in parentheses after the actual, current transmission rate beneath
your local video window. It adjusts itself dynamically, within upper and
lower bounds set with the "Transmission" control panel, on the basis of
packet loss reports returned by video recipients. The default Max kbpsec
is 80 kilobits/sec; obviously an unloaded ethernet can support much higher
rates. If you increase the cap, then you will eventually run into the cpu
limits of your machine. It's my experience that you can do over 20 fps on
a Quadra, and something like 7 fps on a IIci, if you're not bandwidth

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