Video window size

Don Rainwater (Don.Rainwater@UC.EDU)
Tue, 9 Aug 1994 15:58:32 -0400

I'm trying to use a Panasonic video camera attached to my 840av for
CUSeeMe. It mostly works, except the aspect ratio seems a little off
(slightly tall and thin video images), and the video window displayed (and
sent) is not as big as it should be. It appears that only about the top
half of the video window is being used. If I switch CUSeeMe to high
resolution mode, the image seems to be correct, but then high-res mode
doesn't seem to work correctly either, since the window becomes mostly a
still frame with the actual (moving) video crunched into about 1/8 of the
left of the screen.

Reading back over the above paragraph, it sounds a little rambling.
If anyone needs any clarification, I can try to re-phrase. But, if you've
seen me on any of the reflectors (Don @ Cincinnati), you probably know what
I mean.

Any ideas?

Don Rainwater, Systems Manager/Postmaster                 Don.Rainwater@UC.Edu
Univ of Cincinnati Academic IT Services