Re: Cameras and Pan/Zoom mounts (fwd)

Chris Hand (
Tue, 9 Aug 1994 18:20:01 -0400

Dave Wargo said:
> A few weeks ago someone in this group was looking for a pan and tilt mount.
> The one that i have used is my Mitsubishi and is the model # PT-9000.
> It is OK for what it does, however it could use a little work as the tilt
> mount keeps comming out of its socket. This is due to the tilt mount
> being a press fit. If it were a screw fit there would not be a problem.

Has anyone out there built a pan/tilt unit? Should be easy enough
with a couple of stepper motors and some meccano or Lego Technik... as long
as the camera is very small (eg. the Peach CMOS camera from VLSI Vision).


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