11004 GetHostByName errors on PC

Martin Storer (100121.1613@compuserve.com)
Tue, 9 Aug 1994 18:25:03 -0400

Thanks to the people that did contact me with their information and
experiences regarding the 11004 GetHostByName errors on PC's.
Unfortunately there has not been enough information thus far to
arrive at any definite conclusions.

Having said that, further experimentation on my particular problems
(PC's linking 1-1 via Newt SLIP) has elicited a solution that may have
bearing on other peoples problems.

When the Netmanage software is installed you are automatically led
through a configuration process which asks for IP address, host name,
domain name etc. When I first installed I entered a domain name when
prompted to do so and found no problem in linking to another PC and
running applications (PING, FTP). After connection, upon subsequent
execution of CUSM I was presented with a GetHostByName error.

My solution:-

Simply by removing the domain name from the setup in the 'Custom'
application (leaving that entry blank), connecting, and running
CUSM goes ahead without problems.

This may be applicable to other users. Netmanage users get rid of the
domain name if you have one where it is not truly needed. PC/TCP
users - I don't know your software or its setup but it may be that removal
of any unneccesary reference to a domain name may also solve your

Please everyone keep me informed of your successes or failures.

Martin Storer