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Keith L. Steward (ksteward@sunflower.bio.indiana.edu)
Tue, 9 Aug 1994 21:23:21 -0400

My apologies if I'm asking an old question, I've only recently started
following the list. Perhaps someone can point me to an FAQ or a
wais/gopher/www searchabel archive of past messages.

My problems:

#1: Video comes thru quite well, and audio on several occasions has also.
We don't have a camera but do have a microphone on our Quadra 950 so we
aren't transmitting video. When I try to unselect (ie. turn X off) in the
'Push to talk' option and then use the mike, the audio level histogram goes
up and then suddenly the program crashes, prompting me to restart the
machine. The same happens when I leave the 'Push to talk' option X'd, but
use the mouse to click and hold on the mike icon. I downloaded the Sound
Manager .bin from the gated ftp server and installed it (version 3.0). Is
the problem because I'm not transmitting video (making me a 'lurker'?) and
therefore not allowed to send sound either?

#2: The software also appears unable to make a connection to a similar
(video-less) Quadra on our network. I get a 'connection refused' message.
It certainly connects to reflectors and I think at least one other
no-reflector video-transmitting site.



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