Re: Audio-conferencing questions

Tim Dorcey (
Wed, 10 Aug 1994 12:20:47 -0400

>1: Can CU-See-Me be used solely for audio-conferencing ?
>2: Do you have to "go through" a reflector, or can it be done one-to-one ?

In theory, CU-SeeMe can be used for an audio-only conference, but not
without a reflector's involvement. I say, "in theory" because numerous
folks have reported a tendency for CU-SeeMe to crash when attempting to use
audio without video send capability. If this were a universally consistent
result, it would be easy to track down and fix, but e.g., audio works fine
on my machine without video (and it also crashes for some folks that do
have video).
The fact that you can't do audio in one-to-one mode (a point also
raised in a post by Keith Steward), is an undesigned result of the
protocol evolution. In pre-audio days, there was no reason to have a 1:1
connection if there was not at least 1 person with video capability, so the
message "I don't want to send or receive video" is interpreted as a
connection refusal. This will change in subsequent versions.

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