Cu-SeeMe as part of a Training Simulation?

Sandra Burke (
Wed, 10 Aug 1994 14:52:21 -0400

I would like to be able to integrate Cu-SeeMe as part of a training
simulation. This would most likely involve modifying Cu-SeeMe.

Hence, I have a few questions:
* What is Cu-SeeMe written in?
* Can I have access to the source code?
* How would I go about modifying it?

I am looking to do the following:
Given a simulation (designed to train someone on some skill) generated with
a piece of software like Authorware, Visual Basic or Macromedia, where the
user sees a background pict, I would like to have:

* Cu-SeeMe video windows appear over the background pict in a specific
location predetermined by the programmers creating the simulation.

* Only controls deemed appropriate are displayed to the participant in the
simlulation i.e. only video windows, audio controls, (whereas, pull-down
menus are not and there is controlling software running in background to
connect participants at designated sites, rather than them having to
actively make the connection).

Can you answer my questions and give me an idea as to the feasibility of
this? I appreciate any help I can get on this matter.

"Nil a fhios agam cad ata me ag caint fhad"

Sandra Burke
/Sandra de Burca.