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Bob Junke (
Wed, 10 Aug 1994 16:48:47 -0400

On Wed, 10 Aug 1994, Stefano Giordano wrote:

> Dear Netlanders,
> does anyone know if there is a WINSOCK application which let you exchange
> audio between PCs equipped with an audio card (Soundblaster for instance).
> I was impressed by the diffusion of reflectors of CU-SEE ME, but I don't have
> VIDEO on my PC and I don't know how to communicate with other friends over the
> net. I am already connected to the MBONE with audio and video from my INDY,
> could you please explain me if there are plans to have some software on the
> POWER MACs or on the PCs to let interworking the Multicast backbone and the
> logical CU-SEE me "mesh of stars"???
> Thank you a lot in advance
> Ciao
> Stefano

There is a package called Internet Voice Chat which was released earlier
this year. I have installed it on my PC but have yet to be able to test
with anyone else that is running it. The author is Richard L. Ahrens and
his e-mail address is I have not looked
lately to see if a later version is available. I sent E-mail to ahrens26
and the response I received was "I will be gone all summer. Try again in
the fall when I come back to school." Looks like bad release timing to
me. Release software then go away for a few months and not support it.
Oh well. I guess I'll try again this fall.

The file I obtained was IVC10.ZIP but I do not remember where I got it
from. IVC is winsock 1.1 compliant.

The shareware fee is $20.00 U.S. and I don't mind paying it if it will
work. I just need to be able to test it first.

Hope this helps,

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