Connectix QuickCam and CU-Seeme? Any experiences?

Joerg Schaeffer (
Wed, 10 Aug 1994 19:06:32 -0400

Dear list,

today I received a reply from Connectix Corp., regarding my query about the
QuickCam. This is an excerpt of what Thom from Connectix wrote:

>From: Thom Hogan <>
>Subject: RE>FWD>QuickCAM compatibili
> Reply to: RE>FWD>QuickCAM compatibility and
>Juliette is on vacation, so I'll answer instead.
>1. QuickCam is a standard QuickTime device. It functions with any QuickTime
>compatible software product, including CUCMe.

Has anyone of you (maybe the developers @ Cornell?) already used a QuickCam
with CU-Seeme? Does it work or do I have to expect the same problems as
with several other VDIG-driven video-in boards?

Greetings from Vienna/Austria to all CU-Seeme'ers all over the world
Joerg (aka JJJ)

P.S. You can add the FAST Screen Machine board for the Mac to the
incompatible ones. I have tried it lately on a Q950 (with xCU 0.60b1 since
the other versions didn't recoginze it at all) and I got a picture, albeit
1/4 size with a border of white snow around it :-(. Pretty unwatchable...

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