Reminder:BBC Radio 5 "Live" Broadcast THIS Sunday.

Thu, 11 Aug 1994 10:50:07 -0400

This is a reminder of:

BBC Radio 5 'Live' broadcast of

"The Big Byte"

radio programme over the Internet,
THIS Sunday (14th August) at

11:15 to 12:05 GMT (12:15 to 13:05 BST)

This broadcast will be fed live into the Internet by the Department of
Computer Studies here at LUT, using the MBONE and a CU-SeeMe/Maven enabled

Reflector address =

(Maven users should use the default port of 3456)

Thanks to kind offers by Borre Ludvigsen in Norway and Doug Matthews at
SunSITE, University of North Carolina, this broadcast will also be carried
by the following reflectors:

Norway: (The European NASA Select relay reflector)

In the interests of maintaining audio quality, please use these reflectors.

More information on the broadcast can be retrieved from:

or, if you have questions not answered there, by replying to this email.

*-----* FEEDBACK *------*

The Big Byte's production team can now be emailed at "".

They would VERY MUCH like to hear YOUR views on the future of broadcasting
corporations and interactive broadcasting in the digital age, as well as on
this broadcast (which is dedicated to the Internet) in particular. Please
feel free to email them with ideas, discussion points or feedback - the
more people who contact them, the more likely they are to continue with
this exploration.

On behalf of:

The World Wide Web Group

LUTCHI Research Centre
Dept Computer Studies
University of Technology

Tel:+44 (0)509 222789
<a href="">Web Server</a>.

Email courtesy of Eudora.