Re: PC CUSM / Chameleon / Trumpet

Mike Craven (
Thu, 11 Aug 1994 14:55:11 -0400

>> But... using Chameleon's NEWT WinSock, I CANNOT get either 0.33b2 nor=
>> to work.
>> With 0.33b2, I get the dreaded: Gethostbyname()failed (11004) error =20
>>Hmmm...>> there may be a problem.
>> With 0.34b2, I simply get the Hmmm...bit with no error message.
>Seems that CUSEEME has a prob doing the gethostbyname() call from
>chameleon's winsock...
>The fix is easy. get your IP address registered with a DNS server, or
>run chameleon's bind on your PC. if your system dynamiclly allocated
>IP address, give it your hostname with an IP of (loopback)
>and don't forget to add to your list of DNS servers.
>(If you seem to be lacking bind, I don't think they ship that with
>the sampler, guess you'll have to purchase it! :>)

>> I wish I had paid more attention to previous postings on the
>> Gethostbyname()failed (11004) error.
>> I have added a HOSTS file to both my NETMANAG and TRUMPET directory.
>> Is this supposed to help?

>Geoff Rehn
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I just put in a "fake" hostname then saved and exit. When I return the=20
host name is there and CU-SEEME works. This only only worked if the=20
hostname was saved though.=20
Give it a whirl.
just my 2=A2 =20

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