Re: CU-SeeMe and A/UX?

Gavin Bell (
Fri, 12 Aug 1994 04:41:50 -0400

At 7:50 am 11/8/94 -0400, Ole Solberg wrote:
>I have tried running CU-SeeMe0.70b5 on my Mac IIfx with A/UX (A/UX 3.0 SVR2
>After clicking "Connect" in the Connect dialog CU-SeeMe locks up.
>I have to exit my A/UX session via ctl-i/ctl-e.
>Has anybody else run it on A/UX? Should it at all work on A/UX ?
I tried on my Centris 650 A/UX 3.01 and got the same lockup, I think its a
clash between the video capture card and A/UX. I couldn't get screenplay
working either with my videospigot. I took A/UX off in the end so as to
get both working....


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