Re: Good desk-side camera for CU-SeeMe

Don Rainwater (Don.Rainwater@UC.EDU)
Fri, 12 Aug 1994 09:11:01 -0400

At 2:09 PM 8/11/94 -0400, Michael Sattler, San Francisco wrote:
>I'm using a PowerBook 520c (MacOS 7.1.1) and would love to hang a camera
>off it. Of course, there's no room to mount a board inside it. Can I join
>the CUSM send-video club?

The July 18th issue of MacWeek has a cover story on a camera from Connectix
called a QuickCam which connects to the serial port. It's supposed to sell
for $149, and provides gray-scale video at 15 fps. A color version is
apparently in the works.

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