Re: Good desk-side camera for CU-SeeMe

Michael Mraz (
Fri, 12 Aug 1994 18:59:20 -0400

On Fri, 12 Aug 1994, Don Rainwater wrote:
> The July 18th issue of MacWeek has a cover story on a camera from Connectix
> called a QuickCam which connects to the serial port. It's supposed to sell
> for $149, and provides gray-scale video at 15 fps. A color version is
> apparently in the works.

I wrote e-mail to Connectix and got this response, I hope they don't mind
me reprinting it:

QuickCam works just like any other QuickTime device, complete with a 'vdig'
that isolates it from the software having to know anything about the details of
the video device. So yes, CUSeeMe works with QuickCam.

1. The camera is not yet shipping and probably won't be available to new orders
until mid to late September. We are waiting for both FCC approval (expected at
the end of this month) and larger quantities of several parts, since orders on
hand already exceed our expectations.

2. If you order from us you pay list price ($149.95). Both MacConnection and
MacWarehouse will be selling the camera at $99.95. As supply of the camera
increases this fall, you should see it at CompUSA, Egghead, and most other
places you'd purchase Mac peripherals and software.