QuickCam and CUSeeMe - where is this going?

Craig Macfarlane (cmac@tiac.net)
Sat, 13 Aug 1994 15:32:34 -0400

>On Fri, 12 Aug 1994, Don Rainwater wrote:
>> The July 18th issue of MacWeek has a cover story on a camera from Connectix
>> called a QuickCam which connects to the serial port. It's supposed to sell
>> for $149, and provides gray-scale video at 15 fps.

>QuickCam works just like any other QuickTime device, complete with a 'vdig'
>that isolates it from the software having to know anything about the details of
>the video device. So yes, CUSeeMe works with QuickCam.

I talked to the Connectix folks at MacWorld about this. After pressing the guy
at the booth about their testing with CUSeeMe, he said there was a minor
CUSM bug
that crashed it after 5 seconds. He said they knew what it was and they were
going to describe it to Cornell. He also said the incompatibility w/CUSM
would be straightened out before anyone receives a QuickCam. So No, it
doesn't work well right now, but Yes it will before it matters. :-)

BTW, Wired Magazine's September issue has a one page item on CUSM. It is a
brief description of CUSM and its use in K-12. I don't know if more CUSM
exposure is good (helps to push its use) or bad (is the net-bandwidth ready
for widespread use?). What will happen when everyone starts to use the
internet for video phone calls? I'd love to connect (w/o long distance
charges) to distant relatives and actually see them.

Wondering when the genie will get out of the bottle,