FAST Video Cap Cards for PC

Martin Storer (
Sun, 14 Aug 1994 05:16:52 -0400

In a previous mailing I suggested the the ///FAST Electronic Movie Machine range
of cards did not work with CUSM.

The previous problem I noted on the CUSM list regards the FAST Movie Machine
(only the bottom 1/10th of the receiving CUSM screen being updated) turned out
to be the 486 machine itself!!! The Video Blaster FS200 displays the same
problem in the 486 whilst the FAST card works fine in the 386.

Anybody got any ideas what could be the problem with this 486 it works well in
all other respects including viewing the local viewing window in the CUSM app?

In conclusion the FAST Movie Machine cards do work and are very reasonably
priced 250 Puonds Sterling including TV receiver and TeleText.

Martin Storer