Re: CU-SeeMe Article in September Isssue of Wired

Andrew Anker (
Mon, 15 Aug 1994 11:41:08 -0400

At 4:30 AM 8/15/94, William D. Graziadei wrote:
>Someone made mention on this list about a CU-SeeMe article in the
>September issue of WIRED.
>I accessed WIRED on the WWW and could not locate the September issue
>of WIRED. Does anyone have a copy or has it not been posted yet?

Wired posts all of the content from the magazine the day the issue goes off
newsstand. The September issue (with Penn on the cover) doesn't go ON
newsstand until next week (it has been mailed to subscribers already). So
you won't see September online until about the 20th of September or so, but
you can buy it on newsstands next week.


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