I got a Conenctix Quickcam on order!

Michael Mraz (mike@home.interaccess.com)
Mon, 15 Aug 1994 22:34:44 -0400

I just called Rocky Mountain Computer Outfitters (Mac'sPlace) and they
said the QuickCams will be in on September 15th at $98.95. WIth a $3
shipping charge It's $101.95. Needless to say this Q605 user with his 1
expansion port filled with an ethernet card put in an order. Gawd, I
hope it works!
MacWarehouse is not taking orders for them as of yet, but I managed to
get a $99.95 price quote out of the operator (plus the same $3 shipping
I can hardly wait until September 15th when y'all will get to see me on
reflectors! Yipee!


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