Re: reflector compilation on solaris 2.3

Seppo Kallio (
Thu, 18 Aug 1994 02:06:53 -0400

At 16:00 17.8.94 -0400, Nick Eggleston wrote:
>Has anyone gotten the reflector to work on Solaris 2.3?

I did tar it for ftp: ftp site ( directory macli=

>Also, has anyone gotten the code for the reflector that correctly
>translated CU See Me to NV?

Do you mean the code of reflect.2.30b1 does not contain it? We did test
reflect.2.30b1 it but could not get it working at all. We did trace the
Ethernet and did see some packets comming but the nv on one Sun workstation
did not show any picture nor give errors.

What about Linux? Has someone compiled it for Linux? I did try but got a
lot of mysterious errors add gave up.