Re: reflector. solaris 2.3. and nv
Thu, 18 Aug 1994 05:27:54 -0400

>>Also, has anyone gotten the code for the reflector that correctly
>>translated CU See Me to NV?
>Do you mean the code of reflect.2.30b1 does not contain it? We did test
>reflect.2.30b1 it but could not get it working at all. We did trace the
>Ethernet and did see some packets comming but the nv on one Sun workstation
>did not show any picture nor give errors.
I have the reflector (2.30b1) on a HP working fine for everything else
and my nv on a sun solaris 2.3

same story : no picture. no errors.

* How does one debug this sucker ? ie. what do you look for

* What exactly should one use as multi-cast address ?

* what values of *ttl* are ok (what units is this in ?)

i have a little used lan for test purposes.

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