FPS performance mystery?

Bill Griffin (wgg0@GTE.COM)
Fri, 19 Aug 1994 09:35:53 -0400

We have many Macs (all flavors of quads including 840's and an 8100AV)
running CU-SeeMe .70 or .75 across our LAN which has a FDDI backbone and is
connected to several sites @T1. All machines that I have connected too
usually peak at 15fps with setings of 500/500 for local and connected video
except one. There is one 800 with a Spigot which consistantly operates at
26-30 fps in local and connected video! We have been unable to figure out
why this one machine which is on a segment with many other Macs and is
running lots of other stuff performs so well.

Any ideas?

Bill Griffin
GTE Laboratories
40 Sylvan Rd.
Waltham, Ma. 02154