Re: The early days (was: Aug 19 CU SEEME T SHIRT DAY)

Jean Armour Polly (
Fri, 19 Aug 1994 09:49:47 -0400

>Dick came up with "CU-SeeMe," on September 27th, I think. So,
>I guess that would be the official birthday for CU-SeeMe. Or, if you want
>to go with the first transmission outside Cornell, I would put that around
>September 1--shortly after the first local transmission (this is, after
>all, the Internet Protocol, and if you can send it across the room, you can
>send it around the world!).
>Tim Dorcey
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>Advanced Technologies & Planning
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>Cornell University
>Ithaca, NY 14850

GREAT -- another good excuse for wearing the T- shirt to work Sept 27!

Tim- thanks for the look at the early history of CU SeeMe....