Re: Flexcam and PowerMac

Tim Dorcey (
Fri, 19 Aug 1994 11:04:58 -0400

>Is there anybody out there using a Flexcam (VideoLabs) with a PowerMac
>6100/60 or similar? I am having problems with the audio input. I know the
>PowerMac requires a powered microphone; surely the Flexcam meets this
>Wise words warmly welcomed.

When I first took my PowerMac 7100 out of the box, I couldn't get any audio
input. I eventually figured that the input jack must be bad, and to
confirm this, I switched the control panel to the audio CD input, which
worked fine. When I then switched back to the input jack, it also worked!
I know it sounds crazy, but you might try that out on your machine.

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