Hummm ... there seems to be a problem

Paul Massue-Monat (
Fri, 19 Aug 1994 11:28:14 -0400

I'm sending this to the list since I do not have the address of the
person who wants information on how people resolve that error.

I had to make some changes recently to our set-up and the error came up.
To me, it all boils down to the proper location of the HOSTS file and of
course of winsock.dll

Our set-up is fairly complex. Here it is (long):

a) Our students will have (most probably) direct internet access from our
Novell lab (instead of using the mainframe). Each student will not have
her own IP number since the Novell server is not directly attached to the
backbone (someone can't boot up a PC and run ftp.exe). Internet access
will only work if the person is logged-in to the Novell server: thanks
to Novix.nlm from Firefox. Novix uses the winsock.dll from Novell (Lan
WordPlace) or a slightly modified version.

When a student boots, about one megabyte of stuff is copied to their
c:\temp from which they start - The rest of the windows file
reside in a shared directory on the server (drive g:) which is on the
dos path (contains about 60 mb of files!).

In drive g: resides the firefox version of winsock.dll
In c:\temp resides cuseeme.ini and the HOSTS file.

With that system, a student can run most (if not all) winsock
applications such as mosaic, winvn and of course cuseeme.

(I may not leave cu-seeme avaialble to all as it may create traffic
problems and since it is not part of a curriculum course - I suspect also
that only one person at a time can use it with this set-up. Very

b) In my case, I'm attached to a server who is directly linked to the
backbone and I have my own IP number. I use the Trumpet version of
winsock.dll (the pre-shareware version since I do not understand why one
has to pay for that software while we do not for others but that's
another story).

The trumpet winsock.dll resides on my c: drive somewhere NOT on the

The HOSTS files resides in the c:\xxxx from where I start windows
The cuseeme.ini is also in c:\xxxx

The rest of the windows file that I need, I also take them from the
shared directory on the server (g: drive). Remember that in there resides
the winsock.dll from novix/novell !

Despite that fact, cu-seeme (and all other winsock applications) run
perfectly for me.


That's it. I hope this is useful to anyone. Maybe I can hope that even with my set-up, more tahn one person at a time could run cu-seeme.

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