Still can't get CUSeeMe going.....

Yee Sim (
Sat, 20 Aug 1994 13:38:26 -0400

Yo all,
I've been trying for a week now to get CUSeeMe going (I know,
what a lamer...) Below are the steps I had undertaken to get it going:

1. Downloaded CUSeeMe and Winsock onto my PC.
2. Installed both the software.
3. Entered sample files into HOSTS file like

4. Stash both CUSeeMe and Winsock.dll into a directory called
5. Run CuSeeMe from Windows 3.1 but log into internet with Winsock
first with the following settings:

IP address: (my internet access user address)
Name Server: (my internet access user address)
Domain Suffix: (not my internet address)
Default gateway: (my internet access user address)
Packet vector: 00
MTU: 1500
TCP RWIN: 4096
TCP MSS: 146
Checked Internal Slip
Checked Hardware Handshake
None Online Status Detection
Slip port 1
Baud rate 19200.
6. After loggin into (my internet access user address)
I pressed "ESC" to enable Slip.
7. At CUSeeMe window, I click "Connect" to either or and got a "No response" reply. This happens to all
the other sites I tried.

OK guys and girls, did I do something wrong here? Please advice on any
possible faults and the correct entries necessary. Thanks a million!