Re: do the sites still work?

Mark Koris (
Mon, 22 Aug 1994 02:10:41 -0400

>I've tried all the sites listed in the FAQ file but every one of them has
>no response. Is there a special time when people use those reflectors to
>broadcast? I'd really like to see people conferencing.

I have experienced similar difficulties. The reflectors were working, although
not all of them are on at any given time. The following was the problem in my

>From a simplistic point of view, it appears that nodes on a lan that exist
behind a "firewall" connected to internet, get "no response" when attempting to
access a reflector. You can access a specific reflector by modifying the
firewall to permit that reflector to access your node's IP address. This is
usually accomplished by your local network manager, but requires a modification
for each new reflector. This becomes a pain for your helpful network manager,
and possibly compromises the reason for having a firewall. I don't know another
solution though....

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with a similar experience, a better
solution, or more technical knowledge about the kinds of interactions and access
(packet level ?) that CUSM needs to work.

P.S. My understanding of a firewall in this context: firewall = a security
filter that permits outgoing TCP/IP traffic from the LAN it's protecting, but
restricts incoming access to the nodes on that LAN.

Mark Koris