PAL and diffrent screen size

Tero Kiiski (
Mon, 22 Aug 1994 12:27:26 -0400


Yep! I got a problem (again). The main problem is PAL-format and diffrent
screen size.

What I did (or didn't)?

Video Spigot is able to use NTSC and PAL format but it is not enough for
CuSeeMe. If I convert PAL-signal from camera to NTSC-signal and connect this
signal to VideoSpigot IT WORKS FINE! The videocap screen size must be set to

If I change a resolution for example to 240x180 it dosn't work anymore!
So, it seems to be a screen size problem. Am I right?

BTW why CuSeeMe use only size 160x120 or double that?

please, let me knew if someone will get out something new.

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