Something to add to the frame display

louis mcdonald (
Mon, 22 Aug 1994 15:12:19 -0400

If I were to request anything for CuSEEme clients would be the following
(so far)

Both of these are related to the button bar area:

1. A line that contains "location" that is filled in by
the sender of the video

2. A line that contains current time of the sender of the

From a sender's standpoint, in a "Preferences" section, s/he could
fill in their location (e.g. Herndon, VA), and their timezone.

When they would start up a connection to a reflector, this information
would be sent once down the pipe. On a receivers screen, the
location and current time would appear. The current time would be
updated by the receiver's computer, as opposed to the sender constantly
sending a new time.

Just a thought since this seems to be two things people seem to have
up (at least the location).

Louis McDonald
The Aerospace Corporation