2 Reflector Suggestions

Hannes Lubich (lubich@chx400.switch.ch)
Tue, 23 Aug 1994 14:32:25 -0400

Dear all,
we (Swiss Academic & Research Network) have used CU-SeeMe on Macintosh
and PCs for a while now, and we are wondering about your opinion on two
reflector-related functional extensions in some future version:

1) Let the CU-SeeMe application contact a reflector (or all reflectors)
before bringing up the connection in order to obtain the actual number
of active users.
Background: ever so often, people drop in for "a quick CU-SeeMe demo".
With a growing number of reflectors announced, it becomes more and more
difficult to find one with some "life" traffic. Wouldn't it be interesting
to add some "evaluation" software telling you whether it's worth dropping
into a conversation :-)))

2) Distribution of CUSeeMe Nicknames file from a centralised registration
host through a command in the application (similar to the "Fetch Server
List" menu item in the "Anarchie" archie front end. Since a user may
have local additions (e.g. point-to-point communication partners or some
un-announced reflectors, there should be a "local" and a global nicknames
file, where the "Fetch" command would replace the global list only. I'm
aware that people are already maintaining such lists on an ad-hoc basis,
this would just make the distribution process easier and more uniform.

Any opinions or plans?
Best Wishes


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