Logitech MovieMan board on PC

thommy (thommy@symantec.com)
Tue, 23 Aug 1994 17:28:34 -0400

To all --

We've been evaluating a number of Desktop Video packages and have been
using the MovieMan video board as our base (this includes Logitech's
digital video camera).

Our problem with CU-SeeMe is that we get "hash" instead of clear video
on our local video window which means that our send picture is just
hash also. But we receive clear video (from those brave enough to
send it!). We feel that the problem may be that the Logitech
board/camera is actually a color combo and the CU-SeeMe docs indicate
that only B/W video is allowed. We're just adjusting the saturation
so that we get a B/W picture.

Any comments?