my story, for what it's worth

Wed, 24 Aug 1994 14:30:31 -0400

I've been using the PPC-compiled version of CU-SeeMe (CU-SeeMePPc0.70b5/6)
nearly since the day it was released, which was very shortly after I
acquired a 7100/66av for my office. At first everything went swimmingly
but then the program crashed (error #11) and would never run again, always
exhibiting the same error message on startup.

Since I'm juggling several new technologies at once here, I started with
the engine, and got a new one from On startup, that one
crashed as before, so I eliminated everything from the system folder that I
had added since installing CU-SeeMePPc0.70b5. Again the crash. I rebuilt
my system from scratch, this time using minimal extensions and control
panels. Still the crash.

I had to puzzle over this one for a while. I had changed every piece of
software I could change, and failing a solvable hardware problem, had just
about reached the end of my expertise.

Then it hit me. The one thing I hadn't changed, that remained (somewhat
constant) over time, the CU Preferences file. I trashed the file, and CU
worked just fine again. Some time later, the dreaded Error #11
re-appeared, and as before the engine would not come back to life. This
time I started with the preferences file and solved the problem by deleting
it and letting CU make me a new one. I was pretty confident by then that I
had at least managed to treat the symptom. Today it happened again, and
there's no twist to this story, I was able to easily solve the problem by
deleting the preferences file.

Now I have reached the end of my competence in this matter, I don't know
what CU is doing to itself or how to solve _that_ problem, but I can treat
the symptom.

I haven't seen this matter discussed on this list yet, so I thought it
wouldn't hurt to mention it.

CU Later!


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