Re: Newsgroup

Jesse Montrose (
Wed, 24 Aug 1994 17:10:47 -0400

> At 00:34 8/24/94 -0400, Cory L. Hojka wrote:
> >Since there are well over 10 to 20 messages going through this mailing list,
> >wouldn't it better to setup a usenet news group that would allow for us to
> >browse through easier and be more accessible to the public?
> Some of us prefer using a filtering mail-reader to deal with rather than a
> news-reader. It'd be nice to mirror the two, like the bitnet DEAF-L does,
> but let's please keep the mail flow.

I'll second that, procmail can filter for most mailers, and on the offline
side there's eudora, yarn, etc.. that can filter out the list mail.

I also prefer the mail list, and wouldn't really follow a newsgroup.