Re: GetHostName Error Solutions - Results

Jay Gellman (
Thu, 25 Aug 1994 22:08:07 -0400

Hi In the last line you said that with trumpet you have to run a
application first before cuseeme will stop giving the error, I never had
this problem with trumpet winsock version 1.1. Is this a common problem or
can something else cause that error?

>Windows Users:
> Thanks to those of you who answered my query about the GetHostByName()
>error. Solutions found include:
>* Setting the domain name blank instead of to your domain name.
>* Use Bind (for those winsocks that include it) w/ domain name set,
> host name set to just the host name (no domain tacked on), and
> IP address (loop-back IP). Then, start Bind, then CU-SeeMe.
> Note, keep your host name configured correctly; it is only in Bind that
> you pretend it's
>* Make sure there's not another hosts file in your path before the one
> you think you're using.
>* Make sure you don't have another winsock.dll in your path before the one
> you think you're using. This can also screw up your DNS functioning.
> It seems that with Trumpet, you have to run another application first
>or you'll get the GetHostByName() error. I'll look into this problem
>-Thanks again!
>-Rich Kennerly - PC Windows CU-SeeMe developer. <>