Re: GetHostName Error Solutions - Results

Julian Edwards (
Fri, 26 Aug 1994 02:39:46 -0400

> Windows Users:
> Thanks to those of you who answered my query about the GetHostByName()
> error. Solutions found include:
> * Setting the domain name blank instead of to your domain name.
> * Use Bind (for those winsocks that include it) w/ domain name set,
> host name set to just the host name (no domain tacked on), and
> IP address (loop-back IP). Then, start Bind, then CU-SeeMe.
> Note, keep your host name configured correctly; it is knly in Bind that
> you pretend it's
> * Make sure there's not another hosts file in your path before the one
> you think you're using.
> * Make sure you don't have another winsock.dll in your path before the one
> you think you're using. This can also screw up your DNS functioning.
> It seems that with Trumpet, you have to run another application first
> or you'll get the GetHostByName() error. I'll look into this problem
> later.

Also, if you're using MicroShaft lanmanager, and you have the lanmanager host
name set differently to your ip name, GetHost() will return the lanmanager
host name, so either correct the name, or add it to the hosts file.


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