Re: GetHostName Error Solutions - Results

Frank Chen (
Fri, 26 Aug 1994 09:09:02 -0400

> From: (Jay Gellman)
> Hi In the last line you said that with trumpet you have to run a
> application first before cuseeme will stop giving the error, I never had
> this problem with trumpet winsock version 1.1. Is this a common problem or
> can something else cause that error?

At least that is what I reported. But not everyone will have that problem
like I have. For example, if you are using ethernet, you probably do not
have the problem. I don't remember what version of trumpet I use. Maybe
version 1.1 is o.k. But I suspect the problem is from the CuSeeMe side
base on the assumption that nameserver is accessible immediately when
CuSeeMe is running.
For my particular situation that I use trumpet's SLIP to connect to the
internet thru v32bis modem. I also configure trumpet to dial on-demand.
When CuSeeMe is the first TCP/IP application to run and I assume it
immediately issue the GetHostByName() call without knowing whether the
network connection is up or not, this will definitely fail because
trumpet is still during the dialup or login procedure to connect to
the internet. I have similar problem for some other TCP/IP applications
also. If there is a local host table with the entry that CuSeeMe wants
to query(PC's own hostname?), or you always login manually, or your
PC is always connected to the nameserver, I believe this problem will
not happen.

> >Windows Users:
> > Thanks to those of you who answered my query about the GetHostByName()
> >error. Solutions found include:
> >
> > [stuff delete ...]
> >
> > It seems that with Trumpet, you have to run another application first
> >or you'll get the GetHostByName() error. I'll look into this problem
> >later.
> >