Re: what kind of camera

John Lester (
Fri, 26 Aug 1994 12:47:38 -0400

>Hi Folks,
> I just noticed that almost no mail in this list concern on video cameras
used with
>cu-seeme. The frame grabber board is important but I think video camera too.
>Image quality derives from camera features as lens focal length, light
sensivity, signal
>to noise ratio, number of picture elements, etc.
>I'd like to make a census of cameras used with cu-seeme. I throw out a request
to all
>cu-seeme users : tell us what kind of camera you use and an opinion about
>quality, low-light performance, contrast, or any ather.

I use a plain ol' CCTV camera that I picked up at the MIT Flea market for
$15. The lens on it is a bit fish-eyed (it was used for security), but for
15 bux, I can't complain!

Gives me basic composite video out..and sits nicely on my shelf...

I use a PowerMac 8100/AV to digitize the video...

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