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Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Fri, 26 Aug 1994 17:58:33 -0400

>On Fri, 26 Aug 1994 wrote:
>> Does anyone have the most current list of sites? or your own list of
>> favorite sites? Please send to the list or via email.
>This is the latest list I have, some of which was posted few days ago.
>The list is <tab> delineated and can be pasted into your own
>"CUSeeMe Nicknames" file, if you are using a mac.

This is the next revision of that list. If you have info about any of
these sites please let me know. I know that someone does, because I
deleted (accidentally) a list sent out no more than two weeks ago with some
great comments.

# CUSeeMe Nicknames (with comments), revised: 25 Aug 1994, v. 1.0.2
# This list is a non-authoritative listing of available reflectors.
# It is updated and sent to the CU-SeeMe-L mailing list from time to
# time. Please send additions, corrections, deletions, and germane
# comments to Michael Sattler <>.
# Please note that this list currently has send turned off 'n' and
# receive to yes 'r'. Change as appropriate for your system.
# NOTE: these comments (seemingly anything that doesn't start with
# the word "alias") are stripped out when CUSM/Macintosh reads
# *and writes* the Nicknames file. So you must keep a copy of this
# file around on your Mac with a different name (I use
# "Nicknames (with comments)" in my System / Preferences folder).
# Changes since 1.0.0:
# --------------------
# Removed duplicate of Imagen (was called "QMS").
# Removed duplicate of Univ. Lisbon.
alias C.N.I.D.R. ( n r
alias Cornell Univ. ( n
alias Cornell Univ. ( n
alias Future Pirates ( n r
alias GTE ( n r
alias GTE ( n r
alias Imagen ( n r
alias Lutchi ( n r
alias NASA Select Europe ( n r
# Title: NASA Select TV
# Info: Receive only, please.
# WWW:
# Human: Michael Baldizzi <> +1.216.433.512
alias NASA Select USA ( n r
alias Network Solutions ( n r
alias NYSerNet ( n r
alias Open Univ. ( n r
alias Ostfold College ( n r
alias Penn State ( n r
alias Univ. Hawaii ( n r
alias Univ. Kansas ( n r
alias Univ. Lausanne ( n r
alias Univ. Lisbon ( n r
alias Univ. Lund ( n r
alias Univ. Michigan ( n
alias Univ. Michigan ( n r
alias Univ. N. Carolina ( n
alias Univ. Ohio State ( n
alias Univ. Penn ( n r
alias Univ. Sao Paulo ( n
alias Univ. Singapore ( n r
alias Unknown ( n r
alias Unknown ( n r
alias Unknown ( n r
alias Unknown ( n r
alias Unknown ( n r
alias Weizmann Institute ( n
alias Univ. Indiana State ( n r

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