Re: CU-SEEME- ver. mac 7b won't load

Greg Madey (
Sun, 28 Aug 1994 22:28:54 -0400


I've run 7b over the weekend on a IIfx, a PB52c, and the PM ver on a
6100/60. 7b seems more stable that 5b, although I've seen a few crashes. I
did trash the old CUSM preference file. You might try that to see if it

Greg Madey
Kent State University

On Sun, 28 Aug 1994, David Watson wrote:

> :-( Bummer.
> I fetched the latest version of cucmfor a mac (not the pmac version) and we
> i try to run it i get an error that says unimplemented trap and it crashes
> the machine. :-(
> I v'e fetched it 3 times thinking it was a corruption in the line... not.
> Anyone else having problems?
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