Re: Newsgroup

Tue, 30 Aug 1994 05:59:35 -0400

At 5:10 pm 24/8/94 -0400, Jesse Montrose wrote:
>> At 00:34 8/24/94 -0400, Cory L. Hojka wrote:
>> >Since there are well over 10 to 20 messages going through this mailing list,
>> >wouldn't it better to setup a usenet news group that would allow for us to
>> >browse through easier and be more accessible to the public?
>> Some of us prefer using a filtering mail-reader to deal with rather than a
>> news-reader. It'd be nice to mirror the two, like the bitnet DEAF-L does,
>> but let's please keep the mail flow.
>I'll second that, procmail can filter for most mailers, and on the offline
>side there's eudora, yarn, etc.. that can filter out the list mail.
>I also prefer the mail list, and wouldn't really follow a newsgroup.

Another (rather selfish I admit) reason for not having a newsgroup is that
interest in CU-SeeMe would explode faster than it currently is, thus
causing serious congestion on the 'net.

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