Global Crash

Bob Dixon (
Tue, 30 Aug 1994 09:18:25 -0400

Yesterday there was a problem involving the Cornell reflector that caused
many local systems to crash. I occasionally have my Mac crash, and have
assumed it was something due to the code on my machine. But yesterday I was
talking on the telephone to someone else also connected and we got the
same error message at the same time and both Macs hung and had to be rebooted.
After reconnection to the Cornell reflector, we noted that most of the
people previously connected were now gone, so we assume they also got
crashed off the air. The error message was something about unimplemented
error. I am using the latest software version and have a 7100/66 with Video
Spigot card.

This may be a well-known problem, or even a coincidence, but I thought you
might like to know.