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Eric Drummie (
Tue, 30 Aug 1994 15:01:35 -0400

> It ran fine on our powerbook 170, and on a Mac IIfx with a monochrome
>(non-gray scale) card. Pictures looked funny, but it had no trouble with
>a 1 bit depth.
> Alan
Both of those machines you mentioned are based on the MC68030 which has
color QuickDraw builtin. This was done so users of SE/30's could go and buy
third party monitors and get a cheaper card - it never happened that way,
but a neat side effect was that these machines could run software that
required color because when the program checked the system for what the
color depth was - the system could be set to anything, despite the fact
that the monitor was physically set to B/W. It looks bad, but its better
then nothing.
The Mac Classic, and Clssic II, are based on the MC68000 which is slower
then the 030 based machines(obvisouly) and doesn't have any color
capabilites built in regardless of having the color Quickdraw extension

If it wasn't for Windows, we wouldn't have anything to compare Mac's to
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