Re: Crash w/ Audio window.

Rob Joyce (
Tue, 30 Aug 1994 15:22:18 -0400

>I have a small problem, every time I open the audio window
>and click onto the push to talk button, i get a crash
>unimplemented trap.
>I am using the newest version 0.7b7.
>Does anybody else have the same problem.
>Centris610 System 7.1.1 .

Actually, I am experiencing the same problem. Mine is a Quadra 610
(basically the same, anyway), and I can't send sound at all. "Push to
Talk" crashes in the same way, and when I try to use the squelch feature
the computer also crashes. Usually, MacsBug reports the following error:

User break at 002D2F34 m_get+0048
not free but on free list

Although occasionally I get the standard bus error. One thing worth
mentioning is that the sound level meter works for about 1/2 second before
each crash. Anyway, I'm running the same version of CU-See Me and System,
along with Sound Manager 3.0. Hope this helps... Anyone else with the
same problems as us?