performance specs

Jay Ashcraft (
Tue, 30 Aug 1994 15:56:51 -0400

I was wondering if there was any info on the performance specs on CUSeeMe.

Like what difference it would make to have greater thruput etc vs. like the
limitations of the software to platforms? Like where the bottlenecks

For example, is it the Mac/PC bus, the size of the pipe, the delay and
speed of the provider from point a:b?

My understanding is that the only advantage of greater thruput is faster
screen redraw. At our lab the thruput maxes out at abot 30k/sec and fps
runs at 2-3 on a 10baseT ethernet. On a modem about 10k/sec 1-3fps. Is
this all that can be expected from this software?

How bout with Maven? With both inbound and outbound traffic? Just video
2way vs. video/audio 2way? Just lurking video only vs. video/audio?

In other words what are the limitations of CUSeeMe per platform IBM/Mac
direct vs. thru reflector? And what is the ideal configuration?

Does anyone get better than consistant 30k/sec via ethernet? is token ring

Does this line of questioning deserve a thread to see what thruput folks
get in realworld applications? Is this worthy?


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