hang up

Wed, 31 Aug 1994 08:36:53 -0400

i encountered an error that states something like write pocket
error/send error or whatever when we load CU-SEEME......it happens
when we set the settings of our video blaster's interupts and i/o
environment unremarked.......our settings in the autoexec.bat are
" set videoblst=d:\vblaster A2D6 I10 "
is it in conflict with the interupts of our packet driver and winpkt?
we use a 3c509 packet driver and it's interupts is 0x60, the same
with winpkt.
our machine is a 486dx 33Mhz 8Mb mem. w/ a creative lab's video
blaster card. we use a 3c509 3Com Etherlink III card for Networking.

hoping for your response. thanx ;-)

Alvin G. Ramos