Re: Capture cards for PC
Wed, 31 Aug 1994 13:15:02 -0400

> writes:
> I've heard that you can buy some of the video capture cards for about $95 US
> but I don't know where. We bought one from Creative Labs called
> VideoBlaster for about $300 US. It came with MS Video for Windows CD Rom
> with a ton of movie clips and a few other neat things.

About a month ago I got a phone call from Creative Labs. They were in the process of
having a "warehouse sale", liquidating some of their older hardware, like the original
Soundblaster and VideoBlaster. The Soundblaster/Video Blaster combo was something
like $79.00 per card, if you bought both cards. You could try calling 1-800-998-5227.

Other than that, Mediavision has been selling their Pro Movie Spectrum (*not Studio*)
for around $84.00. It sort of works with cuseeme -- the palette is rotated, but it
does display video. Otherwise, it works fine as a neat toy capture card for the PC.
I think I would get frustrated if I were to try and use it for serious work, however.

I'll have a lot more to say on the subject of capture cards soon -- I have to put
together a "recommended" list of cards for our campus. If someone out there has
a favorite, drop me a line. Please keep in mind that we're talking a maximum of
$500.00 per card, so the Targa card is out.


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