Even more audio questions... :)

Paul (pnichols@onramp.net)
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 02:04:22 -0600

First, a heartfelt thanks and bow of respect towards the good folks
working on CuSeeMe... Y'all deserve a load of credit for your efforts....

Okay.... I've got an event coming up that I'd like to put out on
CSeeMe... but I think the event and the net audience would be better
served if I concentrated on the audio portion and forgot the video
altogether - since it seems most folks aren't going to be able to receive
both aud and vid over such peasant fare as 14.4 modems. ;) ;) ;)
So can some kind and much more knowledgeable person than
myself answer:
Would CSM be a decent audio platform, sans video?
Is there a www site for Internet Phone?
Are there any other programs out there that I should
explore as far as net audio broadcasting goes?

Thanks a bunch & have a good day,