Re: Hell Me! (reflector SunOs 4.1.4)

Halvor Kise jr. (
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 14:31:47 +0200 (MET DST)

On Tue, 1 Aug 1995, Kang Hee-Kuk wrote:
> I finished compile on SunOs4.1.4, but didn't setup reflect.conf
> How to "reflect.conf" ?
> Please Hell Me!~~

Hello Kang,

Yes, I will help you.
Since you said that you compiled the reflector, I suppose that you are
using the 3.0b3 reflector. You can get the README from

Have you had a look at my patch-page for the 3.0b3 reflector??
You will find it at:

I will include my reflect.conf file for you.

Good luck!
- Halvor

This is the reflect.conf for a test-reflector at
I also run the fenris ( and kark ( reflectors.
To get the latest update of the reflect.conf you can finger and
(The word "virker" is norwegian for "is working" :-)
------------------------------------ Begin reflect.conf -------------
;NV-UC-PORT 4444;virker I
VAT-UC-PORT 3456 ; virker I
;NV-STREAMS 0 ; virker I

;NV-MC-PORT 54504 ;virker II (cu encoding fr sd-mbone)
;NV-MC-IN ;virker II (cu encoding fr sd-mbone)
;VAT-MC-PORT 51690 ;virker II (cu encoding fr sd-mbone)
;VAT-MC-IN ;virker II (cu encoding fr sd-mbone)
;VAT-CONF-ID 5024 ;virker II (cu encoding fr sd-mbone)

LOG /local/cusm/log/gyda.log
Methodologies and Technologies in Distance Education
Organized by : Community of mediterranean Universities

July 31 - August 12, 1995 CESME -IZMIR-TURKEY

See also:

Messages about the project to Prof. Yusuf Ozturk
<>. This reflector is provided by
Ostfold Regional College, Halden, Norway. Messages to
Halvor Kise <>
or Barre Ludvigsen <>
------------------------ End of reflect.conf -----------------------

                          *** MEMENTO MORI ***

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