Help needed for local setup

David Miller (
Wed, 2 Aug 1995 14:39:47 -0700

QUESTION ONE: I would like to use CU-seeme on our local net, currently I
have a internet provider link via modem to our in-house windows for
workgroups (3.11) net. This allows tie-in to the outside but I don't know
how to setup windows, or CU-seeme, so I can vid-conf. between our local net

QUESTION TWO: Can CU-seeme be setup to view/talk between two building
using only direct phone hookup (modem to modem) and no internet provider or
inter-office LAN. We have a remote site that does not need Internet or LAN
but does need to be included in our video-conf. system?

Any help or ideas will be appreciated, Thanks